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Casting, pate de verre with solfasts
Take deep breath and hold

A parallel process of body and matter. 

One year. Two life-saving operations. Seven months of horizontality. Five CT scans. One (incised) digestive system. One scar (at least). Infinite renewal. Deep breaths. Acceptance.


While working on the project, I choose to use materials that are close to me while disassembling the material states of matter, Ideas and deeds while comparing them to the physical processes I've gone through In the last year. The comparison which I have created, between the glass processes to the bodily procedures, have honed my understanding at the different levels at general and at the cognitive level at particular, in which that bodily procedures can be similar and even parallel to technical/materialistic processes in a fascinating manner.

I used translucent glass which using a technique that I have developed I'm able to creat a built-in object, meticulous and organized, who's parallel to the structure of my own body in the way that is precieved to an outside viewer. That technique, in which I use materials that digest the glass and is inside a closed oven, is used to take my control of the finished product, just as I was experiencing about a year ago, when my own digestive tract was failing without me having any controls of it.

During my research, I looked for an ability to build a whole object from any number of smaller parts. For that reason I used a thin layer of Pate De Verre with conjunctur with sulfuts and other materials. In addition, to achieve my goal, several burns were conducted. After that, while the general image of a CT scan was my muse, I've caut the objects to slices and from some of them I even created new objects that are built from layers of the slices.

For me, the work on the project was a theraputic experience. The casting of my pain and recovery into my objects have transferred my physical weakness into them and have strengthen them and me every time they went in and out of the ciln. My decision to use that specific technique, which requires hours of being on ones feet and require many step until completion, is not accidental. It represents the painful and tedious journey that I had to endure in the last year and even more, it represents what I am today. Whole and strong, inside and out side.

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